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Friday, April 18, 2014

Tag lines that SELL ( Part 1)


First of  all, let me wish my Tamil speaking friends " Puthandu Vazthukkal" (* Happy New Year April 14th) and my Friends from Kerala, " Happy Vishu" and not forgetting Easter.....

And thease are all seasons when heavy shopping is done for consumers items , clothing, and other kitchen utilities.  Attractive bargains are offered, including, genuine discounts and other freebies.

Let us look at the phrases which are used by slogansmiths, and ad agencies in all catch the max attention. Written promos, T V commercials, websites, SMS , text messages, all are wooing to get the right attention. Here is a tip Decide on your objective very clearly, then start developing the KEY words.

1 Buy one and get one free
2 Seasonal discount up to.......... % 
   Ends on OR For few days only
3 Be the first
4 Hurry!
5 All day long.
6 Just can't believe
7 Value for Money
8 You have come to the right place
9 Make the most of
10 YOU deserve this.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The first ever ad slogan! "99 44/100% Pure"

An early advertising slogan is one of the best known, even today. 
Ivory soap was first produced in 1879. Samples were sent to chemists for analysis. The company wanted comparisons with castile soap, a popular Spanish soap product at the time. 

The total of ingredients not pure soap was 56/100ths. Subtracting from 100, the “99 and 44/100ths percent pure” became a pledge of quality to consumers, and eventually the product’s advertising slogan. 
The catchphrase “it floats” was added in 1891. This quality was a big deal at the time. 

Competitive soaps did not float. Consumers raved about the Ivory product which did not sink and was, therefore, easily retrieved from a basin or tub.

Ivory's first slogan "It Floats!" was introduced in 1891. The product's other well-known slogan, "99 44100% Pure", was based on the results of an analysis by an independent laboratory the founder's son, Harley Procter, hired to demonstrate that Ivory was purer than the Castile Soap then available.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On line-Promoting your product,brands,ideas and services !

With global e-  commerce has so many innovations every day, and on line business picking up with digital media and other tools, creative advertising is the buzz word!!!

Copy writers are now working overtime to get the right WORDS and Phrases to be used and noticed with so much of clutter. should we call this as Grabbers  OR clinchers?

Well here are few of those "magical words" which benefit the brand. And sit up and take notice.

1 The cutting edge
2 Your partner in progress.
3  Get hooked on!
4 Built to last
5 The price cutters
6 Go with a winner
7 The smart  choice
8 In a class by itself
9 Say YES to
10 Check us out


What your tag line for this?

Greetings !!!

In India it is election time yes one of the largest democratic country in the World. Every  party has carved "political" slogans of their respective parties. I am making a record of these.

In the mean time being a trainer here is some  food for thought...  put your thinking cap!!!

Look at this image and send me a slogan.!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

K2 What Branding Is

Welcome to ALL slogan smiths and K-reative heads!!IndiBlogger - Network of Indian Bloggers

K2 What Branding Is

Welcome to ALL slogan smiths and K-reative heads!!IndiBlogger - Network of Indian Bloggers

Thursday, March 27, 2014